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walk to talk

Walk to Talk is a type of therapy that is body-oriented, based on attention that can bring clients relaxation, stop the feeling of survival, relax from physical tension, deep breathing and receive insights of mind and body while processing experiences in a different way.


As the name of the therapy says, clients have a conversation with me while walking outdoors in nature, instead of sitting or lying in a therapy office and looking at a wall. Walking side by side rather than sitting face to face allows some clients to feel much more comfortable when participating in therapy.


Walk to Talk begins by getting to know the office or via the Internet by gathering essential information, studying problems and looking for the necessary therapy. Benefits of walk to talk therapy Walk toTalk therapy offers you the ability to reduce stress, lower body tension levels, improve circulation, breathe deeply and cleanse the body’s mind of intrusive, negative and ruminant thoughts and feelings.


These sessions can help you reduce anxiety, improve your mood, make your sleep easier. These are just some of the examples we get. By practicing this therapy, you can get good brain chemical benefits from exercise, awareness practice and eco-psychology.


During the session, you can improve your insight, relieve physical trauma, and change your behavior patterns while verbally processing your authentic truth!


How are we going to do the therapy?




Meet and start walking; maybe near the beach, somewhere along the coast near the mountain or somewhere where it suits you. We will take a walk and talk about what you want to talk about in the context of your overall goals.

We will walk AND SOMETIMES TO TAKE SHORT BREAKS there to combine breathing with visual contact.

This therapy can be accompanied by exercises to relax the muscles, which can be a response to the content of our discussion. You will feel the result with a better mood levels of stress and anxiety.

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