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Are you Anxious ?


 Sometimes you might feel worried about something in your daily life or regarding your family members. Or you feel nervous while driving or waiting somewhere. These are normal feelings in life, we all experience these from time to time and they last not longer than minutes, hours or some days.


For some people these feelings don´t pass; the last for weeks and months or even years and get worse over the time. When these feelings interfere with your daily life tasks you might suffer from anxiety.


Anxiety is as highly individual as human –beings are. Anxiety always produces various physical symptoms and reactions of the body. The body is always in a state of –highalert . But there are some common symptoms:


Nervousness, restlessness being tense

Rapid heart rate

Feelings of danger or panic I

ncreased sweating

Rapid breathing or even hyperventilation


Weakness and lethargy


Difficulty to think clearly or focus on anything other than the topic of your worries

Digestive or gastrointestinal problems; nausea Increasing avoidance of the triggers of your anxiety


Feeling hot or cold

You can overcome anxiety with our ecotherapies in majorca.
Invest in your well-being

Image by Radu Florin
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